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Training Vs Coaching in Meditation

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Can we do meditation ourselves?

Yes, once you have learnt it “exactly”.

Why we require to be Coached?

Take a player of badminton. Right from the day 1 he is playing in the “right way”.

Doing meditation in the right way is not a big challenge.

But like the sports person who wants to “achieve” needs to play not only in the “right way” but also “exact way” that will promise him his achievement.

The coach only instructs small tips, to observe from outside, but after a month the sports man plays the game entirely different “form” from how he was a month ago.

Coaching is that. The change occurs in the trainee without being awarded of – even the trainee or an outsider can’t understand the “transformation process” – that is purely in the understanding of the Guru alone.

Each instruction of a Guru could be containing 4 or 5 words maximum. But, why the particular instruction containing just 4 or 5 words selected, would be based on so many principles and facts, which can take a huge lecture to explain each instruction.

That’s why coach is guru and his instructions are “Guru Vak”. You can only practice and get result to understand, you can’t understand first and then practice. If you understand first and then practice then it is training or teaching.

Other meditations can be trained or taught but Wonderfeelz Neuropsy Power Meditation can only be Coached (like a sportsman can be trained but a sports achiever can not be trained rather only be Coached).

The principles involved in Wonderfeelz Neuropsy Power Meditation are so many and the meditation process is very delicate psychological process

In training you “learn” “methods and procedures”.

In coaching you “improve skill” without being aware of the “mechanism of transformation”