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Terms and Conditions

Wonder Feelz Meditation Studio promoted by Prof G S Ramesh Kumar, Psychologist.

Wonder Feelz Meditation Studio is conducting online and physical sessions for the purpose of Meditation, Counselling, Coaching and Assessments.

Wonder Feelz Meditation Studio can hire and utilize any consultant to help in the session of any client without the permission of the client. It will be only at the sole discretion of Wonder Feelz Meditation Studio

A client is agreeing and paying only upon the mutually agreed session and its purpose, and not binding on who will be the consultant from session to session.

The services are related to the self development of the clients.

The sessions are aimed at improving the functional efficiency of the clients which in turn help the clients in their personal, social, familial, and occupational life.

The sessions are initiated at the self interest and will of the client only

The client is to pay the fee agreed by Wonder Feelz Meditation Studio just before beginning of the session.

Each session is of 30 minutes and sometimes may extend for some more time (called extended time)

If the extended time is beyond 10 minutes, then the extended time will be considered as another session and charge will be levied.

If the extended time is less than 10 minutes, then normally will not be charged but client can not claim as his / her Right.

If the client pays the fee and delays the session or postpones the session, he should inform Wonder Feelz Meditation Studio before the beginning of the scheduled session through email or whatsApp / other mutually agreed messenger mode and Wonder Feelz Meditation Studio is not responsible for the delayed receiving of such information for whatsoever reason.

If the client has any accent difficulty in case of phone session, then he / she may opt for chat mode in English only.

The language and mode of the session will be mutually agreeable one.