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Humming Walking

This walking is for aligning Body & Mind energy and also improving lung performance.

Body Mind energy alignment is a principle in Yoga also.

When you have time and convenience for walking ANY Time in a day but not for Yoga, then Humming Walking is your best alternative.

This has much of health benefits especially for Lungs, Heart and Blood Pressure.

This is guided initially and later people can follow on their own.

This is usually done in one session of 30 minutes.

When people require to fine tune more, then they may opt for additional one or two sessions.

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Humming Walking will be Fine Tuned individually.
Humming Walking gives Cognitive Benefits and needs to be coached individually. It requires a session or two.
Benefits to Businessmen, Professionals and Politicians – Wonderfeelz Humming Walking

11 thoughts on “Humming Walking”

  1. I was suffering from erectile dysfunction. Had many medications. No use. After individualized Humming Walking sessions, became more energetic and my body functions improved. Amazing and unbelievable result.

  2. This Humming walking is good and healthy.No dout about that.But morning Humming walks are even better.The fact that would you fell fresh and stress free is something that makes it all worth it. If your are in bad mood just go for a Humming walk. If you are still in bad mood go for another walk.

    1. This
      humming walking is good and healthy. No dout about that. But morning Humming walks are even better. The fact that you would fell fresh and stress free is something that makes it all worth it.

      If your are in a bad mood go for a Humming walk. If your are still in a bad mood go for another walk.

  3. Started doing this humming walking instead of just walking it makes me feel so relaxed, stress free also gains possitive energy.
    Such an useful tool to adapt in ones life to possitively assess the situation and there by finding best solution.

    Wonder feelz it really feels wonder.

  4. I felt something different and so started practicing with guidance.

    It is worth.
    Now doing on my own.
    Breathing improved, lightness of body and knee pain is least.

    I am making decisions quickly now

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