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Boredom – Loneliness – Emotional Suppression – Depression (BLEsD) Therapy

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Boredom, Suppressed Emotion and Loneliness are three aspects closely related to Performance Stress, Stagnation, Postponing tendency, Loss of Interest and Depression.

Often Depression may be felt as fatigue, boredom and postponing tendencies. At later stage the severity and chronicity be increased and advanced.

Even if consulting a psychiatrist and taking anti-depressants, a systematic and professional counselling/ therapy from a Qualified and Experienced Psychologist is essential.

Brief and “logical advises” in the name of counselling are sometimes counter-productive.

Wonderfeelz BLEsD (Boredom – Loneliness – Emotional Suppression – Depression ) Therapy is of high quality and a boon to Business Heads and Celebrities.

We are specialized in handling the sessions for Boredom – Loneliness – Emotional Suppression – Depression.

Business Heads and Celebrities regularly handle decisions worth their precious life and Billions of Dollars.

The stress of Business Heads and Celebrities involve multiple dimensions and highly intricate aspects. Their stress cannot be equated with the stress of a common man.

The intricacies should be identified rightly and handled delicately.

Our BLEsD Therapy is the right fit for the intricacies of the stress experienced by Business Heads and Celebrities.



2 reviews for Boredom – Loneliness – Emotional Suppression – Depression (BLEsD) Therapy

  1. Nimisha

    It really saved me and therefore my children too.

  2. silverwood

    It saved my personal life and my career too. I thank Prof G S R.

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