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Popular view of relaxation is ;the generalized reduction of neurophysiological arousal’.

But Psychological dimension of relaxation and suggest that different techniques may have different effects.

Some focus on stretching and relaxing

Stressed posture and position, Stretching exercises, as found in hatha yoga, initially target stressed posture and position

Stressing skeletal and other muscles concept is used in Progressive muscle relaxation

Stressed breathing can also be used. Stressed breathing is shallow, uneven, and rapid, deploying less use of the diaphragm. Breathing exercises, as found in Prana yoga, focus on stressed breathing.

Stressed body focus is another concept. Attention to and imagery about a specific body part or process can evoke ‘specific behaviours’. Autogenic training involves attending to and evoking relaxing thoughts and images about specific body parts and processes

Stressed emotion. Affect-arousing negative cognitions (thoughts and images) can energize and motivate us under stress. imagery and visualization relaxation exercises evoke positive emotions

Stressed attention. When under stress, we focus and often divide our attention with effort among multiple targets and competing tasks. Meditation and mindfulness initially reduce such stressed attention through a calm focus on a simple stimulus or target task.

Certain lay-man techniques such as listening to music, engaging in media games etc will only suppress the stress inside and is harmful to body processes, in long run. Stress should never be suppressed.

We also use plenty of other techniques according to the Specific Mode of Stress Factor

Relaxation is every day process and we train our clients to do at home.

Relaxation is very crucial in efficient functioning of anyone. It should be learnt systematically according to one’s need and overconfidence and self-com[placency are against achieving required relaxation levels

GSR has put many regular meditation practitioners under different relaxation techniques when their stress cause varied. A common technique for all for all times is inadequate concept.

Relaxation is first step in inducing quality sleep