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Are You Rounded Up 360 degrees? Are You Caught By Chakra Vyuha?

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Probably uncertainty was the earliest creation of nature when the world was created and living organisms began to have ‘some sort of mind’.

No one can seek exemption and it is at least difficult, or impossible mostly to be immunized to uncertainty. This may be the reason why uncertainty is thought to be controlled by super-human powers / God.

Economists view that, in business, the possible solution for tackling uncertainty rests with robustness of one’s enterprise, economics (or theory of economics), and social institutions. Psychologically, the ability to “build” such robust entities rests with the cognitive functions of the individual or individuals that may be selected to run the business. Economics has the power to prescribe but often implemented or moderated or mediated or nullified by psychological profile of the individuals involved.

When the uncertainty is surrounding an individual from 360 degrees or if the individual perceives so, then he will be perceiving a bleak future even nearest in time, if not distant future.

This is exactly the situation of a person surrounded by his opponents in a Chakra Vyuha (being rounded – up / blocked 360 degrees by others).

Extreme of uncertainty and mostly in the nearest future is perceived when one is trapped and surrounded by opponents in a Chakra Vyuha.

But a businessman cannot attribute things entirely to external factors or economic climate and sit back. Businessmen and even politicians have the highest responsibility, when compared to people in other walks of life, of “steering the boat safe while the wind blows opposite”.

Recent, Sri Lankan Economic Crisis, Shiv Sena party crisis of Maharashtra state and the sensitive religious issues – all remind us the politicians’ life situations.

Similarly, business crises that cornered the well-known CEOs (Example, Vijay Mallya). This is where the businessmen and politicians claim the differentiated stress from others.

Businessmen and politicians have this curse or boon, as they are ought to spend each moment, spell each word, and spend each paise (or dollar/penny), make each move, strategically in an uncompromising way.

Often the situation is that oneself surrounded from all sides as in ‘Chakra Vyuha’(being rounded – up / blocked). In being caught within ‘Chakra Vyuha’ the uncertainty is highest and closest in time.

Businessmen and politicians do respond and show their survival instinct. The possible calculations associated with risk makes one more certain or at least less uncertain. This intermediate feel is subjective but universal. However, there is no exact measure to address this intermediate feel between more certain and less uncertain. Psychologists know that this kind of junctures are the hot seat of resistances or stagnations.

On the other hand, the uncertainty is entirely vague without any measurable portion and unpredictable nature. Probably, the factor of “intermediate feel” is also the fertile ground for this uncertainty, once ‘extended’ or ‘increased’.

Here, the ‘extended’, is a factor pertains to time perception and ‘increased’, is a factor pertains to volume perception. Said ‘volume’ perceived by an individual could be so much that the total life perceived as ‘lost’ (uncertainty colours complete future events, actions, life style and outcomes).

Chakra Vyuha (Chakra means Wheel and Vyuha means strategy) will not be known to victim till he is finally rounded up by the total soldiers engaged in chakra Vyuha (being rounded – up / blocked). The victim is distracted and felt as if there is only regular fighting and fail to sense forth coming rounding up by opponents in a wheel form – victim held at the centre of the wheel. Chakra Vyuha uses the principle of prolong, make tired, lead into the depth, and then surround from 360 degrees in the wheel form, with multiple layers of opponents.

Many businessmen and politicians also get into the position of totally being surrounded up by opponents or things against oneself in the same way, gradually without being aware that one is getting trapped into.

In the current paper, author tries to propose the ways that would help one to get out of such a position of being trapped into a chakra Vyuha.

The getting away from the trap is more referred to ensuring a future for oneself by escaping from the trap. One who loses the moral courage or hope while realizing that being trapped, will lose hope of future and becomes demoralized only to get defeated by opponents.

Individual who is trapped into the Chakra Vyuha has, “Configuration” of following 7 Aspects.

– Reflective Self-limiting.

That is, how one sees his environment also makes him view himself in the  same way. For example, Mr A thinks other people should not smoke. So, when Mr A thinks of smoking, he thinks others will look down at him.

This is neither unconscious nor always conscious     but semi-conscious to readily guides conscious thoughts accordingly like ‘reflection’. He thinks     people will look down at him since he thinks of others so, but in reality, others may not look down     at him. This is not ‘projection mechanism of Freud. ‘The more I limit others in my mind, the more I limit myself”

– has unshakeable confidence on his capacity/ strategy / valour

– tendency to deny time / chance availability to revise his plans and perspectives

– no realization that what limitation he perceives of his opponent is current self-limiting (but not “Projection” mechanism).

– faith in his success as his own superior talent and denies contribution of opponent’s currently running weaknesses / giving – in.

– perception that his efforts are unilinear and opponents’ efforts are curvilinear – another most devastating Reflective Self–Limiting.

– most assiduous efforts in proving his past (“Sunk Cost Effect”) rather than accepting entirely new future.

How to generate ideas, clues and strategies to come out of being rounded up 360 degrees / Chakra Vyuha.

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