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Check Your Stage

Click to know why ‘Feel’ Is A Big Process & Skill

Following Stages an individual passes through before getting the meditation benefits.

Each one will be at different stage due to their opinion about / experience with Meditation.

Stages 1 to 5 are usually with other meditation techniques in the vogue. Stage 6 is of limited aspects with other technique.

Uniquely, In GSR’s Scientific Meditation, Stage 6 can be attained in every crucial aspect of life such as Business Opportunity Identification & Maximization, Decision Making, Business Focus, Individual -Specific Health Needs, and Individual – Specific Business / Life needs.

Stage 1: It is quiet easy. Nothing tricky in it. (I know it all Attitude of assumption and overconfidence). May not be of great use I require.

Stage 2: I try…it is slightly difficult but nothing tricky and may consume my time…Let me do it sometime later when I find time. May not be of great use I require

Stage 3: It is difficult. But I should practice. There is not much tricky. Let me do it when I may find time. May of some use but not for immediate elevation.

Stage 4: It is tricky technique and assumptions or overconfidence block my skill development and it’s benefits. It will give some crucial benefits which people can’t understand easily (but I started feeling)..

Stage 5: I practice this tricky technique sincerely without assuming anything. I started sensing some benefits. I will get turning point benefits exactly fitting my need /goals and situation.

Stage 6: This tricky technique is Unique and is my key to success. I got what I exactly require.