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Meal Time

Therapy Planning Assessment


In this questionnaire we ask you how often you have had meals or snacks during the last 28 days. Please read these instructions thoroughly and indicate your answers by circling the number that best correspond to your situation. When you answer, please remember to take into account whether your eating habits are different during the weekdays or weekends.

A meal or snack is in this case warm or cold food, sandwiches, salad, yoghurt, cereals, porridge, fruits, nuts, smoothies, or similar.
Foods high in sugar and/or fat such as candy, cake, cookies, buns, crackers, potato chips, chocolate, energy bars, ice cream, dried fruits and similar are NOT considered meals or snacks.

Beverages (e.g. coffee, tea, soft drinks, energy drinks, juice) are NOT considered meals or snacks.
Please note that if you have had “brunch”, it should be coded as lunch.

If you find it difficult to choose between two numbers, please circle the higher of the two.

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