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There are Unconscious and Subconscious Blocks that determine destiny of a business man.

The ‘Blocks’ are influencing the way one sees the opportunities and affect the idea implementation.

We systematically identify the ‘Blocks’ using Psychological techniques and help to clear such ‘Blocks’

Every individual is different and has different Missions in his life.

The problems, goals, and purposes are different.  But the common purpose is ‘Progress’.

The negative portions of anxiety, hopelessness, fear, depression, dilemma / confusing thoughts are removed.

At the same time, your mind is filled with ‘progressive thoughts’ – like a clear water stream.

Imagining ‘progress’ is easy but getting the mind filled with ‘progressive thoughts’ is difficult. This is what we get you.

Imagining progress will not get you real progress, but only the progressive mind will get you progress in reality.

That is why this technique is called ‘Progressive Meditation‘ or ‘Pragati Dhyaan’.

Why Progress Is blocked?

You are experienced in your profession. you have required knowledge. You know about the customers / clients you deal with. You have already made some progress in your life in different occasions, or for a period.

Then why the progress is not sustained?

What to be done in the unconscious mind, so that your mind will tackle all the hurdles creatively?