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Meditation Consultation Case Report

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A meditation consultation case report:

Mr. D is 27 years old unmarried and self-employed. He was doing yoga and meditation regularly.

After pandemic and due to the restrictions, his self-employment struggled. He wanted to plan new strategy to improve his income.

He was in discussion with a few to make a deal but was not getting materialized.
His worry increased and his time to think about strategy extended. Most of the time he was into this but of no move on.

His yoga and meditation frequency decreased and as a result his stress went unchecked.

He consulted me regarding what best can be done. After interviewing him I found that he had to continue his meditation but to the same his motivation had decreased.

In further interviewing his understanding about meditation was reflected to him and he got the first instance to feel a need for change.

After this, he changed his outlook toward the time management, meditation and benefits.

After three sessions, he resumed his meditation practice and also his existing meditation practice was streamlined. New technique was not necessary for him.

Prof G S Ramesh Kumar
Meditation Psychologist and Therapist
Wonderfeelz Neuropsy Meditation Studio

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