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Decision Profile Mapping


Decision Making is not a simple entity.

In real time business decisions, the strategic decision making is influenced by many Conscious and Subconscious factors of the Business Head.

This is a Comprehensive Decision Making Profile Mapping of a Business Head.

This Online Assessment of Decision Making Profile Mapping as package includes the following Online Assessments:

  1. Time Orientation
  2. Decision Mapping
  3. Decision Effectiveness
  4. Decision Mode
  5. Decision Making 

You will be completing the five assessments on different instances but within 2 to 5 days.

Later we will prepare a comprehensive report and share with you.

After sharing this report with you, and you finish a reading of it, we will have one session online to answer your doubts if any.

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Charges: Rs. 14, 000+ 18% GST

Focus is crucial. But do you know…Focus and Decision Making are twins.

Your Prevention or Promotion Focus gets strong support from your Decision Making and in turn, Your Focus influences Decision Making.

But what factors decide whether you are good decision maker or your decision are sure to get jeopardized?…….

1) Time Orientation

2) Uncertainty

3) Time/Money Pressure

4) Information & Goals

5) Consequences of Decision

6) Inherent Motivation

7) Self-Regulation

8) Other Personal Factors such as Cognition, Emotion, Hesitation and Control, Optimizing, Identity,

Reactive & Proactiveness etc

9) Social Pressure

10) Work Pressure


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