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Special Children Domain Development Consultation

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Special Children Domain Development Module

Rs.2500/- per consultation (30 minutes)

Monthly Package: Rs. 62, 500/- (5 days a week)


Wholistic domain development consultation (Cognitive,  Social,  Emotional)

Parent – Child involved approach

Fee: Rs. 2500/- per session / consultation
Duration: upto 30 minutes


Parents are involved and trained to understand each behaviour of the child to manage it better

Parents trained to understand Potential and maladaptive behaviours and improve hidden potential of the child

Wholistic development of the child is focused

Family environment is very influential over child’s development and hence family environment is focused.

Stress of the parent is assessed and feedback given (Stress management programme of the parent is charged additionally if the parent is willing to take up)

Approach is based on Developmental Psychology, Neuropsychology and Behaviour Therapy by Qualified Psychologist (not just certified person)

Monthly package: 5 days a week with allotted time slot of 30 minutes every day.

Monthly fee:    Rs. 62, 500/-

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1 review for Special Children Domain Development Consultation

  1. bhaskar

    My child was diagnosed as Autistic by a psychiatrist. I was referred to OT. But after couple of years no improvement. Then our family doctor referred to GSR.

    In about 7 months my child improved drastically.

    Unbelievably, I started noting gradual improvement from Day 1.

    Now the boy is in fifth standard in a cbse school in Erode

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