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Scientific Meditation – Online & Offline Coaching

(12 customer reviews)



Check Date Availability & Accommodation before Booking your slot through Tripaneer / Direct means.

In Person Reach Out Programme conducted at 3 Locations as preferred by clients – THIRUVANNAMALAI, KHAJURAHO & RISHIKESH

The Meditation technique we use is entirely different from all other meditations.

Uniquely, Ours is


“The” Choice for Business Heads

Wonderfeelz Neuropsy Power Meditation is a powerful tool that can benefit business heads in several ways. Here are some benefits of practicing Neuropsy Power Meditation for business heads:

  1. REDUCED STRESS: The demands of being a business head can be stressful. Neuropsy Power Meditation can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation, leading to a more balanced and productive work life.
  2. IMPROVED FOCUS: Neuropsy Power Meditation can also help improve focus and concentration, allowing business heads to stay more engaged and productive throughout the day.
  3. INCREASED CREATIVITY & BUSINESS SOLUTIONS: By stimulating the brain and promoting relaxation, Neuropsy Power Meditation can help to increase creativity, allowing business heads to come up with newer perspectives and solutions.


Rs.60,000/-  + 18% GST   for 20 Sessions (30 minutes per session) Online / offline Coaching. This consists of systematically coaching Wonderfeelz Neuropsy Power Meditation + Coaching for a specific Goal selected by the trainee.





Check Date Availability before Booking your slot through Tripaneer / other means.


The Meditation technique we use is entirely different from all other meditations.   Click here for scientific paper on Universal Operational Definition of Meditation and New Technique Outline.

Uniquely, Ours is



Every one is different by his Circadian Rhythm.
Similarly, every one’s Tension – Energy Cycle is different.
The Arousal level at which one will be efficient also differ from person to person.

While other meditation techniques focus on “Aligning With Nature(External)”, Scientific Meditation focuses on “Aligning With Natural You (Internal)” first.



Uniquely, it can be done Goal Based

Gives faster results for Problems such as Sleep Disturbance, BP, Diabetes, Arthritis, Sexual Function

Suppressed Self Identity and Efficiency come up

Become more energetic

We have formulated for the first time a universal “operational definition” for meditation.

It is also published in scientific journal and available with doi (click for journal paper).

This definition is useful to define any meditation variant in a scientific and measurable way for researchers.

We conduct Meditation Sessions for High – Profile Stress such as the Stress of Doctors / Business Men / Investors / Celebrities/ Political Plots’ Pressure

Our technique is based on Neuropsychological Principles and Psychotherapy Principles of Change.

Our Meditation Sessions are conducted for Specific Health, Business and Financial needs of these high profile group.

Brodman Area 7 is crucial for meditation experiences.

While meditating, significant activations occur in the basal ganglia, the enthorinal cortex, and the medial prefrontal cortex.

Meditation based on focus attention activates a network involving the medial gyrus bilaterally, the left superior parietal lobe, the left insula, and the right supramarginal gyrus (SMG).

Charges: Rs. 60, 000/-  for 20 sessions (30 minutes for each session) Online / Offline Coaching. This consists of systematically coaching Wonderfeelz Neuropsy Power Meditation + Coaching for a specific Goal selected by the trainee.


Following is the Wonderfeelz Neuropsy Power Meditation Framework:

Neuropsy Meditation Framework


12 reviews for Scientific Meditation – Online & Offline Coaching

  1. sadiq

    As a business man I got Return On Investment.

    How quickly I generate new ideas and how fast I analyze – both these increased significantly.

    This directly helps me in my business and finance growth

  2. Guru My

    My business situation was going very bad. I felt like sorrounded from all directions. Even financial and management consultants couldn’t help beyond a stage.

    I tried some meditation programmes (residential programmes).

    But my doctor friend suggested this. Though it incurs a significant cost, when compared to other meditations, now I am rejuvenated and started elevating in business.

    Yes, Prof G S R saved my life and business.

    Other meditations are for calmness but Wonderfeelz Neuropsy Power Meditation is for businessmen.

  3. ramson

    Really good. I am a Meditation practioner for more than a decade. But when certain issues came up, especially related to my colleagues and family members, my meditation practice did not support me. I had some trouble with my schedules too.

    This Neuropsy Power Meditation helped me a lot, to have really…really..a fresh life.

  4. devrangasany

    I often used to get negative thoughts about my job and imaginary thoughts of negative consequences.
    Now, rarely such thoughts come, without any effort to control.
    I used to worry a lot about facing some tasks but now I can feel like facing up to tasks and remain calm mostly. Yes, there is a change in my trait itself so sooner (I started this training only 20 days ago).
    I was not able to sit closing my eyes even for a few seconds, but now effortlessly I close my eyes and remain without any thoughts most of the time, composed (calm and).
    I could feel the difference between emotions, feeling differentiated from FEEL.
    I had to put efforts to get such a FEEL (this is unique to Wonderfeelz Neuropsy Power Meditation), but now I get it effortlessly.
    In the beginning (and later stages of other meditations too) we need to “Direct our attention towards the meditation stimulus, but now as we just close our eyes, the stimulus moves towards our attention and occupies it, something Wonderful.
    While in other techniques, thoughts or imagined stimuli to focus, but in Wonderfeelz Neuropsy Power Meditation the core feel (different from emotion and feeling) is focused. This is unique to Wonderfeelz Neuropsy Power Meditation.
    Now that FEEL comes effortlessly, it is an emergence, in my mind.
    It is also nice to realise I get so many fine skills of mind.
    Wonderfeelz Neuropsy Power Meditation is the only best for even trait based stress and I T related stress

    I tend to rediscover myself and how I see myself is changing and “Evolving”

    Recently, while working my IT job’s hectic activities, I tried to meditate for a few seconds (unlike hours of meditation in other techniques). I could only take a couple of seconds. Though I was not satisfied, I got immediate benefits.

    The technique and mechanism of Wonderfeelz Neuropsy Power Meditation are really unbelievable.

  5. Shanmugam

    I am healthy and medical expenses reduced drastically.
    Initially I felt fee was high for just “meditation”, but this “Neuropsy Power Meditation” is unique and the fee is nothing in front of the benefits.

  6. Jothika

    Really a wonder…. happened in the scientific meditation I felt.. I had a stress free and innovative ideas for my career growth and development

  7. A physician

    I referred two persons for this meditation.
    One newly married and another executive.
    Both are really doing fine. It is very good.

  8. Ramachandran

    I attended many programmes. This is unique and helps Business Heads like me elevating to next level business performance

  9. Suhail

    Many years I had problems after problems. It affected my business also.
    As I was undergoing wonderfeelz meditation I got a great solution oriented realization. To be frank I was praying to meet this kind of solution, in my religious prayers. Allah responded through this Neuropsy Power Meditation.

    I realised I had an inner feel that I tried to control things and people around me as if the world is for me.

    Automatically the attitude changed that the world and things are for everyone and this world is for nobody.

    A new flood gate of relief I got and got a self rediscovery. Thank Allah. Thank you Prof.Ramesh ji

  10. Radeshyam

    Since long I had the guilt of past birth sin. Did many parihara but failure continued so the guilt of past birth sin too.

    After undergoing this wonderfeelz Neuropsy Meditation, i have lost the guilt of past birth sin and failure also changed.

    Changed my life and gave me new life

  11. Vignesh kannadasan

    After GSR’s Scientific Meditation session, I got

    1) Purest form of mental peace, 2) Clarity in mind, 3) Mind control, 4) easily control Addiction habit and Over Thinking.

    Meanwhile I felt “I got it’ and ‘can easily do whenever I wish”. This thougts proved to be a soft villain.

    I now realize we should not allow over confidence or Complacency overpower us.

    I feel my life is saved from mishap. I am regularly following at home.

    I have become more sharp than earlier in situation handling

  12. Guna

    I tried other meditations and medicine also. No use.

    GSR’s Scientific Meditation gave me improvement from first session onwards.

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